Monday, February 21, 2011

Yung Russian Chomikuj

Open letter to the Mayor of Rome

Rome, February 21, 2011
the Mayor of Rome
Mr Gianni Alemanno
not enough to declare the targets should be quickly take concrete decisions.
Rome is a candidate for the Olympics. Talk
post carbon era.
formulated a plan for sustainable mobility.
The Millennium Project, Strategic Plan for Roma Capitale, said the objective in the medium and long term economic sustainability.
From the first steps we will see if this is the actual direction you are taking.
We then want to remind you that there is a plan, approved almost a year after the City Council, participated in, which combines both:
. reducing emissions and noise
. increased security
. improving health
. increase accessibility
. improving the urban environment and life.
. opportunities for recreational activities and sports at no cost to all
. sustainable growth of tourism, preservation and enhancement of historic
No other plan provided by the Millennium Project reached only by so many sustainability goals like this, but Millennium does not provide for its implementation.
Its cost is very low if we think of a capital city (estimated at about half the cost of one car, one designed to the Termini station), because many of its cost estimates are almost zero.
In a few years could be implemented.
could change the face of the city, as has already happened in many European cities and capitals, including Paris and London.
E 'Framework Plan of cycling.
What do you expect to implement it?


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