Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Birthday Invitation Wording Funny

The Chairman of the Municipality of Rome

Rome, March 2, 2011

Dear President,

much we have appreciated the content of urban design presented last February 19 at the Theatre L'Orangerie " Via Alessandro Volta. In particular, we noted with satisfaction that the cycle route via Zabaglia, which recently was proposed decommissioning, is fully confirmed and actually made it especially effective link from one part of the cycle Tiber and the other metro B, as it was reasonable to happen from the beginning.

As experience has shown, the alarm over the negative effects of cycling are gone with the reopening of traffic around the new market, and the decision was taken under the influence of a temporary state of emergency has now been properly reviewed.

Verbally, at the meeting and our exchange of opinions, you have confirmed this will keep the cycle of Zabaglia way, in case completing the work.

But we return to ask for a meeting (unfortunately without success already called four times in recent months). We want to confront her, with political references and technicians involved, the effects of this decision and how to proceed in the right direction. We think it is important to help in the decision, knowing full well the difficulties involved, we also assuming our responsibilities.

associations that promote the use of bicycles as a means of urban mobility expect a positive sign from you, I'm sure it will give us.

Awaiting your kind reply, we send cordial greetings

Roberto Pallottini

spokesperson Roma Cycle


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