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Killing Us Softly Script

Cyclability Framework Plan '

He completed one year, but still not walk

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Coordination Cycle Rome City Administration once again calls for greater commitment to support the 'cycling to promote a sustainable urban mobility. Remember that it is necessary to promote this goal for many actions at once (from infrastructure, intermodal, areas 30, to bike sharing, etc.).. It recalls in this context the importance of the Framework Plan of cycling, which should ensure the implementation coordinated and consistent with these actions. Remember that the CIP was adopted by the City Council just a year ago (del. 87, March 24, 2010) , and the need to make now operating this vital instrument.

The path to the formulation of the outline plan has been long and difficult, but the result was very important, because it is the result of a participated and shared with the associations .

For the first time Rome:

. has an overall design and staffing of the network of trails that will be made (protected in various forms, reports) and other actions necessary to ensure safety for those who choose to move by bike;

. share this design with a large number of organizations representing citizens and future users of the network and actively promote the use of bicycles in the city.

Now it's just that the City Council to design and work to achieve it. We ask, as a first concrete step of

Approve Plan Framework Cyclability

Municipal Council

by 8 May, National Day of bicycle

in May will take place many initiatives to promote cycling, which tell the public that the City Council will take to the streets to demand their right to move safely, unless it was able, after more than a year, not to approve the outline plan?

also remember that a plan is effective only if accompanied by a real programming tasks, which must carry out very Important:

  1. select priorities and action sequences, on the basis of the available resources. We as the first signal in each municipality will be realized some significant changes to the Plan under ;
  2. find ways of funding additional to combine budgetary resources already available (blue label, project finance, sponsor, infrastructure costs of urban projects , were stated in the work of traffic and revenues from fines by Law 366/98, etc.).
  3. provide a monitoring and evaluation on the results, not only in terms of works but also to increase users;
  4. involve stakeholders, associations that promote the use of bicycles, and people who live in places affected by the cycle network;
  5. amend or supplement the provisions contained in the CIP and programs implementation, based on the results of the four previous operations.

f. fit in any urban design or operation of the city's transformation on the part of the "Framework Plan of cycling" planned in the corresponding portion of the territory;

g. systematically include and priority infrastructure for cycling in the planning of regular changes of the territory determined by the General Plans and Local Traffic, the Public Works road, the redevelopment of neighborhoods (in particular through integrated programs), new public transport lines on iron from existing parks and planning, etc.;

To fulfill these tasks is important

· radically improve the technical structure available to the City, possibly supplemented with external resources (eg. Rome, capital of the holding company) are appropriate to the needs of different tasks;

· strengthen the coordination among different parts of the administration that should contribute to the measures foreseen in the Framework Plan;

· develop the activities of citizen participation and associations, from the information, to monitoring and verification of results, including the setting up of a permanent technical associations.

Coordination How we are willing to draw up with the offices of the Department of Environment a protocol that defines the working conditions of a technical and it must achieve permanent results, with commitments on the timing of implementation .


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