Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Policies for Mobility and Transport

Rome, February 3 2011

alderman Policies for Mobility and Transport, Amalia Colaceci

E pc the President of the Provincia di Roma, Nicola Zingaretti
alderman Assessor Tourism Sports and Youth

to the Director of
Department XIV - Government of mobility and road safety

Colaceci Dear Councillor,

our coordination, as you know, represents a large number of associations with many members interested in using the bicycle as a sustainable means of transport and as a tool for sports and tourism and to socialize. We have met, even with the Assessor Prestipino, last year to examine together the projects that can be carried out in collaboration with the Province. In this particular phase of our overall goal is to integrate the corridors of mobility, of which you are responsible, with protected bicycle paths, allowing you to connect with Roma in many places and security areas of great environmental and cultural interest of the province, and support in this way forms of sustainable tourism.

Within this goal are crucial link between Rome and the coast in safety and practicability of the coast itself. The commitments made by the provincial administration in line with these expectations. We have developed our own proposal, which I think could be feasible in a relatively short time and the resources contained. We intend to submit it to you and alderman Prestipino, with whom we have had in his time a very good comparison.

Our proposal also involves the passage of Laurentina.Su this posting a year ago we had a first meeting with the Department of Traffic Vincenzi, to discuss and make proposals on the new Via Laurentina cycling. After several fruitless attempts to meet with the technical staff responsible, and after repeated assurances from the councilor and his secretary promptly disregarded, our willingness to cooperate has been completely rejected. And 'our duty to denounce as politically unsustainable behavior Councillor Vincenzi, from which we feel offended as representatives of major associations and citizens.

Our confidence in the ability to listen to the province still remains, we consider it a valid interlocutor. I would therefore ask the Roma-Resort for an urgent meeting with the President Zingaretti Prestipino and alderman, in order to give effect to a proposal that is perceived as very important by all users of the bicycle as a tool for sustainable mobility.

Sincerely, Robert


spokesperson Roma Cycle


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