Monday, February 7, 2011

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environment Hon Alderman Mark Alderman Visconti

Rome, February 8, 2011

City of Rome Department of Environmental Policies

Dear Councillor,

Coordination Cycle Rome wants to draw your attention to the serious state of policies to promote cycling. Plan framework of cycling is still, after a long training process and an important aid associations, and the maintenance of the current cycle network in every look unsustainable (see the report of the Agency of services), implementing the commitments almost zero, the time required by other provisions (30 areas, the traffic calming and parking control wild in backyards to parking, transport aboard public transport ...) although they are still too often at no cost. Across Europe the policies for cycling, already far ahead, are revived and strengthened, we are still in Rome.

We continue however to think that the development of cycling can make a vital contribution to the quality of the entire system of urban mobility. For this reason we ask for an urgent meeting to tackle the state policy for cycling and iteration of cycling under the approval of the Plan which was adopted in Committee for almost a year.

Roberto Pallottini

spokesperson Roma Cycle


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