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RULES INPS - The attending physician and the certification of disease-RSU

certification as proof of the state of incapacity for work due to illness, may be issued by:

A. doctor (meaning unless otherwise specified in the Region)

  • doctor chosen by the worker under the Convention only;
  • specialist;
  • doctor 's acceptance hospital;
  • doctor' s acceptance of clinical agreement with the Region;
  • medical education;
  • medical professional.

B. 's Administrative Board in the event of: Access / day hospital / hospital.

  • The certification of the hospital in effect replaces that of the doctor, provided that bears: the identity of the worker, the date of completion, the signature of doctor el 'indicating the diagnosis (circular No 136, July 25, 2003).

C. doctors performing the "continuity of care" (former emergency medical)

  • "Limited-call duties weekends and holidays and for up to three days. Any further decision on the merits is left to the doctor ..." (Circular No. 134 392 of 27 July 1982 AGO/176).

The health certificate issued, including on regulatory modularity, by physicians other than those of "free choice", including those from hospitals and emergency rooms to 'act of discharge must be regarded as valid for 's supply of' sickness provided it contains the substantive requirements required (title, name of employee, date, signature, diagnosis and prognosis of inability to work: circ. No 99 of 13.5.1996, circ. n. 136, 25/07/2003 ).

The employee, in this case after integration of its availability is also an occasional address, must also duplicate photocopies of the certificate - shielding the diagnosis - and send to recipients, respectively, the certificate to 'el INPS' certificate (photocopy) to his employer. However, in most cases, the doctor that the law defines "doctor" coincides with the general practitioner.

When completing the certification is omitted, incomplete or inaccurate.

The worker loses the right to 'sick pay if they constitute anomalies for issuing the certificate, is not remedied (Circular No. 48 of 22.02.1993):

  • of a signature or stamp of medical
  • failure time of writing (as proved by the date of receipt);
  • misdiagnosis;
  • no end date prognosis
  • Dignos no evidence of temporary incapacity to work.

Claudio Zauli

INPS provincial office Genoa


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