Monday, April 23, 2007

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It was a meeting between the Directorate Lames, in the person of 'Ing BERTILOTTI, and solid waste company. During the 'meeting discussed the workload for this week and next for decks between 25 and 1 May. The situation is as follows:
· On Thursday 26th and Friday the 27th LINEEA STAM will not work;
• In occasion of the visit of the BMW line Friday 27 DEA3 will not work;
• The April 30 work days only and only lines DEA1 DEA2 two shifts;
• Since May 2 will return to full activity (it will be reintroduced on the night shift)
were some places on the safety issues to be addressed more fully with the Business Manager for Security, Arch came.
We were assured that all the lames will 'purchase of a new production line, such as ICAM, for the production of various types of windows (no BMW).
of work will be done to consolidate the structure of the warehouse including a check of the windows of the bays of the central body.
requests have been made about the 'more comprehensive use of the parking business and the demand for new space be allocated to the parking of motorcycles and mopeds.



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