Friday, May 11, 2007

Pokemon Pearl Na Vba Pobierz


(diagram taken from the paycheck Lames)

  • PAR AP 40.00 (1) YEAR
  • PAR 34.67 (2)
  • PAR God. (3)
  • PAR Res 74.67 (4)
  • Holidays AP 41.00 (5) Holiday
  • YEAR 53.33 (6) Holiday
  • God. 55.50 (7) Holiday
  • Res 38.83 (8)

(1) Permits may be not taken by the 'year of maturation come together in a special account individual hours (PAR AP) for a further period 24 months (208 hours max), to allow the use of the worker notice in the manner and conditions regulated by CCNL.
After this period, any hours which are still shelved in excess of 208 hours will be paid with pay in place at the time of maturity.

(2) Permits are annual paid accrued in the 'year.

(3) E 'the total PAR enjoyed in' current year until the month in which the pay slip relates.

(4) E 'the sum of AP + PAR PAR YEAR - PAR God.
workers accrue for each year of service over a period of paid leave equal to 4 weeks. The vesting period is from 2007, from 1 January to 31 December. The leave must be enjoyed for a minimum of two weeks (80 hours) in the 'year of maturation. Therefore, in the box (5) should be marked up to 80 hours of AP Holidays. Since it is not allowed to express or implied waiver of annual leave entitlement, where, for reasons due to unavoidable work demands of 'company and in very exceptional cases, the worker enjoys a day of leave not above is allowed to replace the same enjoyment of the holiday with a bonus pay as a result, its use will take place as soon as possible.

(6) I leave accrued in 'current year (13.3325 x current month).

(7) E 'the total holiday enjoyed in 'current year until the month in which the payroll reference.

(8) E 'the sum AP + Holidays Holidays YEAR - Holiday God.

For more information or clarification: or ask delegates FIOM company.


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