Friday, November 4, 2005

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In the photograph to the Deputy Mayor ' Comunedi environment of Rome, Dario Esposito, with the President of the Association Cosmoroma, Vito Paolo fifth in a time of the previous label of last Sunday 25 September 2005.

Car Free Day Sunday, November 6 ROME


Under the patronage of COBAT, will be held in the center of Rome on the first tour of the "Sustainable Mobility", with electrically assisted bicycles, quads light, traditional electric cars and cyclists.

On November 6, Sunday ecological Rome

Sunday, November 6 will be held in Rome, the second of two Sunday ecological convened by the Department of Environment of the City of Rome, on the theme of sustainable mobility. Numerous events for an information day on concrete practices that, as individuals and as a community of people, you can take to make the city more livable and improve the quality of life for all. The day is meant to be a festival which reflect on the pattern of life adopted by those who live in large cities: long commutes, traffic, pollution, dormitory towns, busy life, social fragmentation.

The first eco-tour of the capital under the patronage of COBAT

Among other initiatives, particular attention will be on 1 Eco-Tour of the Capital, organized by Cosmoroma, chaired by Paul Vito Fifth , the Italian record holder travel on electric cars, and one of the leading experts in electric vehicles. The tour will also have the support of COBAT , the Consortium Required batteries, set up by Law No 475/88, which is the pride of Italy, which recycles.
During the day, citizens can not only admire but also test different vehicles with low environmental impact. at the info-point and COBAT Cosmoroma Association - located in Via dei Fori Imperiali - leaders and experts will explain to citizens and children the benefits of mobility with low environmental impact and the "secrets" of the recycling of lead batteries exhausted. Rich and especially the distribution of educational gadgets and educational materials.

The route, along the center of Rome

This is the path to the "caravan of sustainable mobility" eco-tour starting at 11:00 am on Viale Aventino (in front of FAO) continue to Via dei Cerchi and Piazza Venezia and Via dei Fori Imperiali entrance for parking with meet and greet the Authorities of the stand-Cosmoroma COBAT. At about 12:45 pm the tour will continue towards Via del Corso, Via del Tritone, Via Crispi, and arrival in the Trinity Mountains, where all participants will be offered refreshments.

vehicles with low environmental impact

the 1st Eco-tour of the Capital will participate in addition to traditional cyclists, "pilots" on electrically assisted bicycles, golf cars, utility vehicles, light quadricycles' s innovative Segway (a scooter with only two parallel wheels), and other vehicles equipped with traction Supply: all zero-emission vehicles. Mostly Italian high-tech products, absolutely clean, quiet, and the very low consumption costs, electric vehicles have batteries in their "heart."

The recovery of used batteries in Italy

But once the batteries run out its life cycle become hazardous waste due to their content of lead and sulfuric acid. Just to avoid dispersion in the area and ensure proper recycling, which safeguards the environment while allowing for the recovery of raw materials, was established by law the COBAT. Since 1992, thanks to COBAT were collected about 200 million batteries, neutralizing approximately 500 million gallons of acid and recovering more than half a million tonnes of lead metal, a fine contribution to the environment but also for the national economy.


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