Friday, October 7, 2005

Memory Loss, Lack Of Focus


Cosmoroma Cultural Association since its founding in 2002, the spread between the statutory roles of environmental issues, and on these issues, makes coordinated initiatives to raise awareness for the use of environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric traction in urban areas. In recent years

Cosmoroma became an influential partner for major manufacturers of vehicles with low environmental impact, as well as consultant to government and public, national and local.

Among the various activities undertaken, first of all is to include the continued collaboration with the Municipality of Rome - Department of Environment in the organization of Ecological Sundays 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Another important achievement was the trial of three electric shuttles in the Natural Reserve of Castel Fusano, which saw representatives of the Association for 18 months engaged in the evaluation of these resources, in collaboration with the ' Office Manager of the Coastal Reserve Romano.

In addition, for years, the COBAT, Mandatory Consortium lead batteries and lead refuse (Law 475/88), recognizes the important role played by Cosmoroma.
For this reason COBAT conferred an important award, given by the hand of the Nobel Prize Dario For, a VITO PAOLO FIFTH, President of the Association, which took place during the international conference "Sustainable mobility in urban areas", promoted by the Ministry of ' Environment, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome and Alter Europe, held in Rome in February 2001.

of great prestige, was, finally, the organization of the exhibition on sustainable mobility, the event "Two weeks for Science", sponsored by General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, which took place in the Presidential Estate of Castel Porziano last November.
During the event the Association has planned the exhibition stands and information sessions for over 1,500 visitors, including students and teachers from the high schools across Italy.

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