Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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The Chairman of the Orlando City Hall Corsetti

C C C oordinamento R oma iclabile

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Rome, January 24, 2011

Al The President of the Orlando City Hall Corsetti

Via Petroselli, 50

orlando.corsetti @ comune.roma.it

Dear President ,

have not received any response to the three notes we sent July 9, October 5 and December 15 last year. But still we try, honestly we can not explain this silence, after having supported and appreciated some of the initiatives of the municipality that you represent to promote cycling. Coordination Cycle Rome is an important reality of associations that promotes cycling in Rome on this issue could provide a very useful contribution to the local institutions. We are sure you will want to send a message of listening and cooperation, we expect it.

then back again to ask for a meeting, despite awareness of its relevant commitments, we are sure you will find a few minutes of time on their hands. We also count on the participation of a Councillor delegate and your technical manager, to address operational problems of the movement of bicycles in the center of Rome, the area where it can more easily promote its use. We followed the story of the cycle of Testaccio and supported the Town Hall on that occasion, we are ready to defend that choice, despite all the mistakes and despite the recent decisions of the Hall. This is also why you may want to meet.

We look forward to his courteous reply.


Roberto Pallottini

spokesperson Roma Cycle

Referrals Contact: Roberto


Domitius Gattei

Mail: c.romaciclabile @ gmail.com


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