Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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To the Mayor of Rome

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Rome, January 18, 2011

the Mayor of Rome

Mr Gianni Alemanno

Rome Coordination Cycle takes the occasion of establishment of the new municipal council, to draw your attention to the serious state of policies to promote cycling. The Framework Plan of cycling is still, after a long training process and an important aid associations, and the maintenance of the current cycle network in all respects untenable (see the report of the Agency of services), implementing the commitments almost zero, the time required by other provisions (30 areas, the traffic calming and parking control wild, parking in the yards, the carriage on public transport ...) although they are still too often at no cost. Across Europe the policies for cycling, already far ahead, are revived and strengthened, we are still in Rome, and firmer and firmer.

We continue however to think that the development of cycling can make a vital contribution to the quality of the entire system of urban mobility. We also believe that an effective response to urgent and emergency traffic, therefore, should be treated as a political emergency.

We therefore feel that the responsibility of this policy should be made directly to you, when Deputy Commissioner in emergency traffic. would be the best way to overcome the divisions and restore a memorandum of understanding by all assessors who must collaborate with different responsibilities (first mobility, environment, public works, planning, and budget) to enhance operational coordination between all sectors of government (including Province and the Region) to be operationally and financially contribute to the implementation of cycling policies. Alternatively, we ask that the delegation policies for the development of cycling is attributed to the Councillor mobility. In any case, ask for an urgent meeting with key advisors competent (mobility, environment, public works and urban planning) to see and share the commitments that the Administration should take part in approving the plan.

We also think that it is necessary to radically improve the operational structures dedicated to acquire resources, design and implement, fully utilizing all the technological companies of the Administration of Roma Capitale.

political understanding between departments, strong coordination, operational structures and resources consistent and dedicated. It 'obvious to all, Mr. Mayor, that without strong and specific decisions in this direction cycling in Rome will have no future and will only propaganda on the skin of those who insist on moving Cycling for the good of all. For us this is very clear.

We expect you to be an appropriate response, as well as Mayor, as Commissioner to the emergency traffic.


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