Sunday, November 28, 2010

Visible Worms Feces Cat

happens in Molfetta.

But few talk about it.

In the absence of comments from the local press, I note a degree of censorship, perhaps because of the peculiarity of the event was held outside the Secretariat, or perhaps as boldly explicit by Ingeo of which poses a serious reflection on 'information ethics Molfetta (save that still spoke). Interesting
intervention Onofrio Romano, analysis to be considered for future applications and for the policies of center-left molfettese.Il fate then, wanted to clear that such a reflection is made on the day when it was officially the influx of De Robertis (ex Forza Italy, then PDL, then ...) in file SEL. Judging from available room I seemed to see a platoon of a bicycle race in which samples can be controlled while being exposed to shame in the group. I hope the flight of a new champion, a name I would have. It 's a good ice breaker :-).
In the meantime, "enjoy" the flood that continues to befall Molfetta and clench your fists.


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