Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How To Mastor Bat For Man

Win for Life? No, it's the Italian Parliament. No limits

Some people need 41 years of work to enjoy a modest pension (most Italians) and who will ensure a life after 5 € 1291.
Not the Win for Life, is the Italian Parliament . On 21 September 2010 it was voted on the proposal of Italy of Values \u200b\u200bto abolish this unfair of parliamentary privilege, in a time when the majority of citizens committed to a crisis that is developing in knee families. Here is the result of the vote held in the Chamber of Deputies: 525

Voters Abstain
520 5 261

Majority voted yes 22
voted no 498
the outcome of the vote: the Chamber The league rejects

largely voted against a proposal to abolish the pension, other than thieving Rome!


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