Friday, June 5, 2009

Trish Stratus Forced To Strip

The value of the vote.

6 Today and tomorrow, June 7 Italians are called to vote for the election of representatives to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, for the election of presidents and directors of 62 Italian provinces and the mayors and councilors of 4281 common.

The vote today and tomorrow marks an important political test for both the government forces in the country, both opposition parties. But the importance of voting does not end in the national political considerations, but it assumes considerable importance to the welfare of individual citizens to vote, because it is clear that since the adoption of the Maastricht Treaty, the economic policies of individual countries and therefore welfare for individual countries to exempt its citizens are bound by the measures voted in Strasbourg seat.

Provinces and even more municipalities, local governments are closest to the citizen, therefore, more than any other institutions that reflected the needs of citizens in government actions and therefore acts AUTHORITIES.

In light of these evaluations highlight the importance of today's vote, as voting on other occasions is a bargaining chip. In reality, the exchange often takes place between two symbolic values: The vote, with all that it represents and the note (which is what we all know, except that each gives the true value according to their needs). This comparison between the load of symbolic votes and money allows the emergence of the assessment of the value of the vote.

For those who are content of 50 € net, unreported and black does not allow the assessment replicas. For those who, like me, voting gives a value different evaluations can be different.

The vote in my view contains information about an area, material entity to which society inevitably makes us belong from birth, should be administered, that it must offer services and quality of life that must be able to guarantee their citizens. All this in an innovative way. This feature of innovation is the result of hopes and dreams of every citizen. In essence, voting trust their dreams and their hopes for cities, provinces and regions that have a good quality of life, which provide health enjoyed by all and high levels, a school accessible all buildings with safe and functional, offering services for leisure and fun for children, young and old.

This happens many cities, it is not utopia. For this rate may not be worth 30 or 50 €.

Your dreams, your need for real wealth to be collected each day have a larger value, huge, immeasurable in .


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