Friday, June 5, 2009

Difference Between Girdle And Panty Girdle

Meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development, Financial Services Technology Ltd

Department of Economic Development Ministry for Competitiveness
Directorate General for Industrial Policy
Unit for the Management of Business Disputes in Crisis
Document situation of the HP - EDS. The meeting chaired by Dr. Brown, was attended by Dr. Gatta of the ESM, the national and local union representatives of FIM, FIOM, UILM and the RSU. At today's meeting, already agreed between the Government, Unions and the Company on 13 May last at the MSE, the Company has decided not to participate.
Dr. Brown opening the meeting, announced its intention to keep the meeting with the Unions, despite the absence of business representatives and informed them why they decided not to participate, considering at this stage as stated, not to be found not to have anything to add to what already previously reported.
In this regard, Dr. Brown has seen fit to make some clarifications, the date of the meeting was agreed by all parties present at the previous meeting and not imposed, the lack of representation in the company also demonstrates a way not well adapted to understand the relationships with the institutions of a multinational group that has such a strong weight on the Italian market, especially in a transition so delicate. He then asked the Unions to put their questions and ensured its commitment to formalize as soon as a request to Dr. Freguia as CEO of HP Italy, to attend the ministerial table and explain the contents of the Business Plan as requested during the previous meetings and the Group as mentioned in this See has committed to do.
The Unions wanted to keep the meeting despite the absence of the representatives of the Group, is to stigmatize the behavior even to the institutions, to inform the MSE is about the evolution from the previous meeting. In the first place, in fact, EDS Italy SpA commenced proceedings against the mobility of workers of the Information Technology Services Ltd, in second place
the Unions have learned in the CAE that, due to a structural crisis defined, HP - EDS was intended to undertake further restructuring to enable the European level. The Unions then ask to know as soon as the strategy and prospects of the Group contained in the Business Plan and bowls without respect to initiatives implemented by EDS.
Dr. Brown in conclusion, reiterating its disappointment in the behavior of HP - EDS, has reaffirmed its intention to send a formal request to Dr. Freguia illustrating the concerns of the MSE against the attitude taken by the multinational el ' intention to convene the Representative of HP as soon as possible in the MSE to illustrate the contents of the Business Plan, as guaranteed by him earlier. Fully agreeing on the urgency of the matter, will convene a plenary session in the next two weeks.

link PDF on the site of the MSE.


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