Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review Of Vcr With Digital Tuner 2009

Ottopermille. Instructions for use.

The earthquake of Abruzzo and the problem of reconstruction, in its needs quickly and effectively triggered a range of proposals to provide adequate solutions to the populations affected. Among the many, the assumption was made to allocate the '8x1000 of the Personal Income tax of each citizen to the cause of the earthquake victims of Abruzzo.
This proposal, though high, has fallen into oblivion a forced, as it has touched a source of funding, as certain as silent, the State of the Vatican by the Italian State.
Just consider this funding in its total revenue, amounted to 1.002 billion euro (since 2008 - Wikipedia source) and is distributed among the different churches in a way that ends unclear to allocate 90% of funds to the religion chosen by 35% of Italians. So happens that 35% of Italians 8x1000 chooses to allocate its income tax to the Catholic Church and the Italian addition to these 35% of Italians also shares 8x1000 citizens who did not express any choice. So if you do not want to allocate your 8x1000 at the Vatican that you have to sign for the Italian State and hope that at least the Italian relinquished in the works of charity. This is not a certainty that only the smaller denominations, have allocated the full amount collected in charities and the Catholic Church has so designed the collection:
they demand 42% of worship and pastoral (420milioni euro);
37% salaries of priests (370milioni euro);
20% charitable work in Italy and in the third world (200 million euro).
Despite the spot, which invites to donate to the Vatican 8x1000, publicizing the efforts of the Catholic Church's battle against world hunger , these initiatives are directed only 8.5% of funds collected (85 million euro).


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