Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Disability Immigration Questions On Immigration?

The doctor, the underground and the Hippocratic Oath

E 'success. A Conegliano in the province of Treviso, a doctor on duty at the emergency room, he reported to the police a Nigerian girl of only 20 years, a victim of an illness, which would not have been convincing in providing general information.
After treatment of the case, the woman was transferred to the police. The police, after finding his unlawful status, finding that had already been achieved by an order of expulsion from national territory, provided the judiciary acts relating to women, while the immigrant was notified of a second deportation order.
probably not the first, and I think, unfortunately, will not even be the last such case.
I hope that doctors make a choice like that you take the time to reread the Hippocratic Oath that are required to pay for practice medicine to continue to heal and not to cause the suffering of mankind.
Hippocratic Oath
Aware of the importance and solemnity of the Act do, and that he is committed, I swear:
  • to practice medicine in freedom and independence of mind and behavior;
  • sole purpose of pursuing the defense of life, protection of physical and mental health of mankind and the relief of suffering, which will inspire with responsibility and ongoing commitment of science, culture, society, every act of mine professional
  • not to commit acts likely to never intentionally cause the death of a patient;
  • to stick in my business to the ethical principles of solidarity human, against which, in respect of life and the person will never use my knowledge;
  • use of my work with diligence, skill and prudence in good faith and observing the rules of ethics that govern ' practice of medicine and legal and which are not in conflict with the goals of my profession;
  • my reputation to rely solely on my professional and my moral qualities;
  • to avoid, even outside the exercise professional conduct and any act prejudicial to the prestige and dignity of the category ;
  • to meet colleagues in case of conflict of opinions;
  • to treat all my patients with equal care and commitment regardless of the feelings they inspire me and without any distinction of race, religion, nationality , social status and political ideology;
  • to provide emergency assistance to any patient who needs it and put in the case of public calamity, to the competent authority;
  • to respect and facilitate in every case the patient's right to free choice of doctor, given that the relationship between doctor and patient is based on trust and mutual respect in all cases;
  • to refrain from the 'rage' diagnostic and therapeutic
  • to observe secrecy on anything that is confided to me, see, or I've seen, heard or sensed in the exercise of my profession or because of my state .


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