Sunday, February 22, 2009

Power Dvd On Extender

silence, the children are asleep.

to assert what is expressed in the previous post of February 15, gag on information, public intervention of 20 February, Mr. Felice Belisario Italia dei Valori.

We read in some newspaper who was convicted of corruption, the British lawyer Mills, 4 years and six months for having received $ 600,000. Those who had bribed? To hear the confession of Mills was Berlusconi, the Prime Minister but no one has spoken, and when the verdict was read there was not even return to the Rai, public service, if not Telelombardia and an envoy of ' Italy of Values.

short, the information in Italy is more and more oppressed. What is relevant data? What if it happened in America or elsewhere in the world there would be no doubt: at home the corrupt and corrupting, Mills and Berlusconi. Instead What happened? That Mr. Berlusconi, Prime Minister, was made by Parliament to approve an ad hoc law, the immunity law, not to stand trial, and then order from the Court of Milan. This is not a real democracy, but a regime that seeks to protect the powerful, in this case, Silvio Berlusconi.

Mr Di Pietro, the leaders of the House and Senate and the speaker of Italy of Values, held a press conference about what happened yesterday, there was partitocratica a division of the board seats Rai. It 'important to divide the posts, to appoint one director network and tested, but none was present at the verdict against Mills. Rai is also distorted information, there is a mess underground, a Raiset that runs the risk of fogging our eyes, close your ears, to plug the mouth. E 'on this that we must be careful. Got to rebel, the Italians are rebelling because they do not deserve this information system.
......... This anomaly of the Italian system, an anomaly that is now drowning the information. Rai was not there. There was the foreign press, foreign television, but there was the Italian public service broadcasting: the public does not need to know. Citizens should have their ears plugged by Big Brother or other transmissions at this level.
.......... Network [
is] a powerful means for the dissemination of ideas, the protests and to aggregate all the free spirits that we are in Italy.


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