Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best Hunting 223 Bullets

time to think. The Englaro case and the media. Read universal

I have always regarded the time as the major ally of thought, not so much as he could make in the course of human history, because for the sedative effect that the excitation thinking itself often results when combined with a certain culture. Therefore I decided to keep silent about certain events to try and not create further confusion around sensitive issues such as what has been called the "case Englaro. Numerous luminaries

competed just to highlight their positions, or not linked to as many scientific points of view. The media competition on the theme of Eluana, created the case and have emerged as two strong opposing positions. Specifically, here, is not to express a clear opinion on what is considered the most likely correct, but we want to highlight the violence, or rather the violence, known for the occasion.

Silence, and the case at Mentone.

In January, in defiance of all the pressures of public opinion, the new Berlusconi government has given grants to publishers. We understand how these past, have been reassured by this measure, and as shocking news, such as the renewal of a contract of employment (with less control by the union and more weight on the payroll of the variable part) and the total absence of really anti-crisis measures, are transferred in quietly without comment or investigation.

Journalists of race but can not be silent. The news there is in their blood and there is no gag that takes, like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, should give the news and express their views. And if Eluana is your chance. All titles are deliberately distract from the economic crisis, the democratic crisis, the problems of households and layoffs at record levels to deal with a case of human despair. After lengthy marathons single-issue, time seems to tighten and news professionals are all ready for the latest news on Eluana. The most anticipated, not all. On February 9, 2009 at approximately 19:35, the young woman in a vegetative state for 17 years, after the application of a medical procedure, he dies. Major newspapers, especially television, are at Udine.

All the journalists out of their cages and breed compete to pass on the news the same. After a period of gag, how do you stay?

and scalp also outsiders Canale5, Enrico Mentana, in the house of Prime Minister already preparing its submission. It can not remain silent. It is a matter of race, recognition of their identity. The management of Mediaset, however, decide for Big Brother 9. Mentana resigns.

The next day he learns that Big Brother 9 was followed by 8 million viewers, compared to 5.6 obtained by adding up the audience and the special door to door on TG4 Eluana. Although not always, sometimes silence is better than a thousand words.


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