Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Causes Of Bowel Infection


The second law of thermodynamics and entropy.
Points to consider for the Northern League and the Right.

Looking for a way to clearly explain the concept, from the scientific point of view and at the same time, avoiding to make the explanation incomprehensible define the second law of thermodynamics the law that if we try to transfer heat, from a hot to a cold, do not get only the net transfer of heat or its transformation into energy, but also we get entropy.

What is the entropy is a matter of debate among lofty minds, we mere mortals are content to define it as the amount of disorder necessary to reestablish a new equilibrium.
Therefore, returning to our heat exchange between two bodies, the distribution of body heat in the cold results in a distribution of that heat (disorder) which is irreversible. The size of this disorder is called entropy .

determined, not by us but by Rudolf Clausius

in 1850, the concept of the second principle of thermodynamics ( is impossible to achieve a transformation whose only result is to transfer heat from a colder body to a warmer ) , we do a simple exercise: it Take two populations, such as Europe and Africa, replacing the size of "heat" with the size of "wealth", the campaigning on the contact. Similarly the heat, is a relentless amount of wealth (here we speak in terms of both economic and human) should move from one area to an area with greater potential to lower potential until the condition has been reached stability.
And this new state of equilibrium, is irreversible.
why, although it does not comment on the policy of closed borders, I think this goes against the universal laws and therefore is doomed to failure.
Just ask Barak Obama.


Exercise # 2: Try to get two bodies, this time not generic human. Put them in contact with each other. The disorder will rule their minds, their hearts, their limbs to find a new equilibrium. It will not be nothing like before. careful, this is the entropy .


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