Thursday, October 25, 2007

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in recent months (and beyond) the trade unions have brought to the attention of the Executive Board some issues concerning the working conditions of workers in the Lames. We complained about the hygienic condition of the internal services to the establishment of which we have asked for cleaning in the two daily shifts (the answer was "we have to see if there is money" - for the record, the cleaning company is paid one hour a day, about 12 € for cleaning services), expansion of parking to be reserved for workers (the answer was that employees should absolutely be at work on time ... we workers do not, obviously), the choice to take the work on the heating during the 'autumn and in spring not considering at all the possible discomfort, however predictable, that have done in these first days of cold and the fact that the last workers who go to take a shower at the end turn almost always complain about the lack of hot water.
also question some choices defined "strategic" by 'Company as the decentralization of quality control, because we believe that staff working for these controls is not sufficient to guarantee the product. Some works that were performed off-line the previous day to cater to the "supply" to line during production, are now being conducted "in line" risk (as sometimes happened) have an adverse effect on the finished product, impacting directly on the 'quality index which is taken into account in calculating the performance bonus. L 'indiscriminate use of temporary contracts which we regard as "inhuman" to the workers concerned because it does not guarantee the same from the' mood 'of the moment ... corporate employees to which the contract is renewed from month to month or are "precarious" for at least 3-4 years
Therefore the RSU Company Index:

3-hour strike

FRIDAY 'October 26

1 turn and daily: from 8 to 9:30 with Assembly - from 12.30 to 14.00
second round: 15 to 16:30 with Assembly - 20.30 22
third round: Early exit at 3:00


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