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Information on the meeting of 13 September with Federmeccanica

have resumed negotiations for the renewal of the contract Federmeccanica. On 13 September there was a meeting in restricted delegations to address issues unique to the operating of the labor market, hours of work. On 20 September we will meet again on restricted delegations on the system of industrial relations and information rights of the RSU. E 'confirmed for September 26 at 14:00 at the headquarters of Confindustria, the delegations at the plenary meeting, which will take stock of the entire state of negotiations on the eve of the end of the moratorium (September 30).
In summary

Labour Market

The Federmeccanica reiterated that in light of the agreement defined interconfederal, which also must be translated into state law, there are few areas to address some of the demands of the platform. In any event, reiterated the need for part-time from the proposed text prior to the contract dispute, on which agreement could not be for elastic and flexible terms.
on Contracts for the inclusion Federmeccanica considered restrictive union demands to set limits to their use and has declared its readiness to discuss only the appearance training. On the futures
Federmeccanica stressed that the two tracks requests for stabilization and maximum percentages are for it instead.
For other inquiries Federmeccanica did not provide the answer, but states available to the comparison.

The union delegation said they did not share the intention of the Federmeccanica to superimpose the placement contract to the apprentice, not to consider alternatives claims on contracts and other requests for confirmation on which there was no response.

sole management

The Federmeccanica reiterated that this is not a central issue for companies and, therefore, it would rather not deal with a radical reform, but simply with a deep maintenance of the current system, acting on the declaration and reasoning on the possibility of introducing intermediate parameters compared to current levels. The Federmeccanica said it was also available to overcome the current special disciplines in the declaratory between workers, employers, cs.
If you were to adopt the system of bands, which represents a breakthrough deeper, then it would take longer, compared with a more general matter.
In any event, whether it addresses the issue of classification with a deep maintenance, whether it defines a structural reform with the system of bands, for Federmeccanica there are three prerequisites:
- as defined in the agreement that national can in no way be discussed at the enterprise level;
- that everything happens at no cost during the entire term of the contract legal,
- in the case of bands, it is also possible the mobility of workers down.

The unions have stressed that with this approach, in reality the wage claim is substantially rejected. If the reform of classification has no cost, at both national and company level, it becomes really impossible. Similarly, the trade union delegation rejected the hypothesis of downward mobility in occupational groups, which would reintroduce the old place of wages.


The Federmeccanica reiterated that this issue is for her qualifying for the renewal of the contract and this time, detailed his claims that:
- the amendment of Article 5 regarding the definition of weekly, affirming the concept of time average.
- on time several times a week availability union to extend the current system, even with high production is not sufficient, to adjust the procedures for negotiating in order to have greater certainty of application. In this area there is a willingness to improve benefits.
- was again the monetization of some of the permits of short-time working in this area there is a willingness to reduce the time of notice for the use of them.
- Time is required extraordinary increase in the quota-free trading hours. At the same time we also ask increasing the total amount of overtime available to the company, which should be calculated based on actual time workers, that is by serving 40 hours a week absences. In this area there is a willingness to improve the use of bank hours, in particular as regards the division of provisions and its extension to those who make part-time.
- Regarding workers discontinuity is calling for more flexible working hours for those under 48-hour week.
- On Sunday work wonder clauses that allow its full use in companies with high capital intensity and innovation with strong technology.
- It also seeks to adjust the permissions for the provincial executive, in reality some of the country, would be used in abnormally. In this area there is a proposal to transfer part of these permissions to Rls.

These points have been defined by the trade unions a real contropiattaforma on working hours, which collects and expands upon the requests made by Federmeccanica last contract and in previous disputes.

The union delegations did not express an opinion on this formal meeting, for an overall assessment on the state of the negotiation will be defined after the meeting on September 26. In each If all responses indicate positions of Federmeccanica far apart and, in particular Time, deeply negative.

Fiom national

Rome, September 13, 2007


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