Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lindsay Dawn Mackenzi Bra

The right to health in the fight for health. Open letter to Mr. Puglia. Of Ciaula.

Open Letter to Puglia
of Di Agostino Ciaula

There have been times and places in history where persons deprived of their rights have decided to deal with bullies in office, knowing that they embark on an impossible task.
This is one of those moments, and here is one of those places.

Puglia I live in a region that produces over 80% more energy compared to its needs.

I die in the Puglia region with a high prevalence of malignant tumors, especially in areas poisoned by industrial pollutants and settlements without inhibitions.

All this has not stopped in recent years (and still does not prevent) industrial acts of aggression by groups who believe the most important benefits of economic profit, that respect for civil and human dignity, trampling everything beautiful in our region can still offer.
I'd like to live as before, in Puglia entirely painted with the colors of the sky, the countryside, the sun and olive trees, the scent of earth and sea.
This Puglia is disappearing under the smoke, ash, cement, and the stench sewage discharges from industrial efficiency of a northern high priority that the benefits of the economic benefit of the open wounds of the Apulian colonizzazione.Sulle continues to be spilled salt in the form of about 30 new polluting plants in the pipeline, including incinerators, biomass power stations, power plants, gas terminals, distributed scientific, cold and ruthless cynicism by Daunia to Salento.
Over all that freezes the soul of the inability of government to protect the common good and, sometimes, even the suspicion or discovery of petty conspiracies.
From Puglia citizens must be aware that our region is fighting a battle for survival.
The reality is only one: we are at war, and we have no allies.
An undeclared war on us, but by our attackers. A war for their ruthless and without limits or rules.
A war which for us is peaceful and only fought with guns the testimony of respect for the law and information.
A necessary war to preserve what little beauty there is left and maybe to give us back all the beauty that they have stolen.
to us to create the world we want. Organizziamoci for rebirth. Bury our oppressors with our desire for civilization and democracy and, above all, spread the awareness that we are more of them.

Personal note
The need to reverse a course that no doubt leads to a shipwreck announced, pre-stressed by the thought of many philosophers of the twentieth century who have examined the issues caused by human activity in modern society. Among the most interesting to note that Hans Jonas in his body and Freedom highlights the need to place the individual in nature and guided by the principle of one share of responsibility, a principle that has now disappeared from the action of the current directors. Clench your fists.

Act so that the consequences of your action are compatible with the survival of human life on earth. (H. Jonas - the principle of responsibility, 1979)


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