Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Just a few days! June 26, 2010, at 14, the feast of the park Loreto

After the successful first edition and the film "In Motu Gratia," and having the time to roll the pedals and the brakes of your warm Grazielle!

Grazielliadi the organizers of the 2010 is in full swing.

Graziellimpiche The four disciplines are:
- Relay "I bring you, you bring me"
- Graziella Cross Triathlon
- Crono ballast-Metroscalata
- Rest'in pè

prizes and honors including:
- Graziella more Tamarra
- Best-fitting team Graziella Crew
- museum pieces, for Grazielle collection, restored and historical models

Registration is free, with no age limit and open until 14 of June 26, 2010.
joining you are entitled to participate in all disciplines and competitions. For each
Graziella fits a crew of two people, if you do not know for sure who will run a teammate in the top spot of grazielliadi.
Who pre-register (by mail, or at cyclostations Pedalopolis booth at the Feast of the Park of Loreto), will be guaranteed free t-shirts Journal of Grazielliadi.
The regulations of the individual disciplines will be explained at the time of the races, get ready for anything. The Scientific Committee
Grazielliadi in his infinite generosity is infallible on anything and does not accept complaints and appeals.

A service of infemeria field will be on hand for any accidents during the races, it recommends the use of a helmet and a healthy caution.

To pre-register to send an email with the following information:
- Graziella Name of participant (optional)
- Names of the crew
- Team name (optional)
- Cut 2 t-shirts for the crew


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