Friday, April 16, 2010

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conflict of interest.

Guglielmo Minervini in his note, Thoughts 10, wrote on the recent regional elections, in Puglia, that: Many entrepreneurs elected to the County Council raised the need to regulate the potential conflict of interest. To affirm the separation of the civil service protection of private interests, including those of close relatives, is defending a sound policy. And defeat Berlusconi "playing politics to get the business." The change starts like Puglia laboratory.
This, above all replicas of the following players, made me reflect on the relationship between democracy (or what Italy is aiming to be) and the participation of different professional groups the political life of our country.

I think a true democracy should not fear the involvement of any of the professions. It is clear that this is in Italy at the time, a "utopia" in the sense that it legislates in the opposite direction causing serious concerns for the democratic stability of the country.
The vision of the entrepreneur within the ethics of honest or dishonest in their application and each individual state law and common morality (the latter which depends on the dominant culture) so maybe in Sweden might not be necessary, but Italy, where lawlessness is rewarded as well as in other countries, it is necessary defend democracy with laws regulating the various conflicts of interest. With regard to the category of "entrepreneurs" agree with the statement Umberto Galimberti, that the "market" has eliminated the dualism between employers and employees by creating a market between those who govern and those who the subisce.Credo that between them, today there are the most small and medium Italian businesses.


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