Friday, March 19, 2010

What Do Glow In The Dark Jelly Bracelets Mean?

poetry spring

this blog a few days waiting for some news, such as on the DVD of the film grazielliadi and the first film of the same film (but know now that reliable informants have told me of a sinister group of cyclists self-proclaimed "scientific committee" that would be revolutionary organizing some event related to Graziella for the end of June ..)

I decided to cheer for the wait with a poem that is worthy of a child (perhaps because this I'm just adjusting mini-bmx and Graziella of various types) but I did win the 2nd place in the poetry slam of the grumellina circulate that he was subject to "the spring, the awakening of the senses"

to you, so ... (From my second book "I lose my strong pee")

Untitled (Z.)

- note: following rules on copyright during the event I was forced to give it a title, so I chosen without hesitation "Camporella -

winter it is too hot, too cold in summer and yellow in Autumn
down and the gray sky above
In winter rain, summer and traveling
Autumn we are friends with a lot Photos of the beach seems
Winter in the refrigerator, the summer seems a heater
Autumn is a garage for storing the Velocifero

But then, spring: every flower is a pinion
The hub is made from crude tenerone
The saddle is more beautiful, is a bed of roses
And the carrier no longer leads the pack
What balls' is life, the usual
Porta now a beautiful plaid, blanket most beautiful
Needless to say, you go Just in Camporella

with brakes! Goodbye inhibitions!
And the wings, that pain in the ass!
I've taken today, I do not think the mud
Only one frame is left, and two wheels
And a bell with two beautiful Notes
remains bleak for the headlight on the handlebars and narrow
buttocks of the young ladies

Ah, that season! What a great ride!
And if 'I'm a little poem you like' shit
I do not mind the form, or to call these
Thinking of Mara and my bike.


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