Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book Chronic Appendicitis

of solidarity with the workers' Eutelia. The misrepresentation of the facts

a leaflet published in full giuntomi signed by workers and former workers of the company Agile Eutelia which shows, once again, the anomaly and the unreliability of the traditional information system in Italy.
as a license 9000 people without anyone noticing!
E 'began laying off workers in early 1200
OLIVETTI-GETRONICS-BULL-EUTELIA-Noicom-Edisontel everything converges IN:
AGILE Omega Group Ltd hours
Agile ex Eutelia was handed over to professionals Fail.
Agile ex Eutelia has been cleared of all movable and property.
Agile ex Eutelia was carried out with skill in the loss of orders and customers.
The Omega Group's killer continues his work of companies in crisis, the latter is Phonemedia 6600 employees who will suffer the same fate soon.
We are a reality of almost 10,000 employees and considering that each of us has a family, about 40,000 people are involved and yet nobody is talking about us.
We need media coverage, despite our events in major cities Italian (Roma - Montepaschi Siena - Milan - Turin - Ivrea - Bari - Naples - Arezzo -) and that some of us climbed on the roofs, while others chained themselves to the Piazza Barberini in Rome, no national circulation newspaper of us has dealt with the exception of TG REGIONAL and LOCAL NEWSPAPERS.
We were never mentioned in any national news because the word order is that if we are not visible to the public there is no problem.
4-November-2009 From our main offices are dean and permanent assemblies
* If you are in solidarity with us, this document also at least 10 friends in the coming 30 minutes, costs you nothing, but you will have the thanks of all workers and former workers of Agile Eutelia that are months without pay * * * Otherwise, this company will die
male and female workers of Agile srl - ex Eutelia * THANKS *


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