Sunday, September 13, 2009

8 Telescope Reflector

residues Pareto: practical applications. Berlusconi, the escort and the Italians.

Vilfredo Pareto was an engineer who was not content with versatile build roads iron, but was also in charge of economy (see Pareto charts) and especially sociology.
In the latter discipline he left his best contribution to the understanding and development of society, so as to be counted among the fathers of sociology. Although the temptation is strong, I will not extend over the whole of our thinking, for carving out some fundamental concepts relevant to the interpretation of events in recent months involving the Italians and their prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.
Although extraction neo-liberal, Pareto entertained relations with politicians of the thickness of F. Turati, B. Cross, G. Salvemini, L. Einaudi and economist J. Schumpeter.
In the study of economics and statistics had the opportunity to assess the stability of the variation of certain human conditions and noted that many human behaviors are not driven by rationality. According to Pareto the justification of human actions is often rationalized by the verbal formulations, the motivations of human actions are subject to two elements: the residues and derivations. While diversions affecting the whole sphere of technical reports for justification of action, residues represent the set of actions (including drives) tours - to put it a Freudian - from id, ego and superego.
The chart below lists residues:

1.Istinto combinations;
2.Persistenza pools;
3.Bisogno to express feelings with outward actions;
4.Istinto sociality;
5.Integrità individual;
6.Residuo sex.

Our engineer, economist and sociologist, emphasizes the importance of the first two, respectively, for the progress and aptitude for self-preservation. Subsequent classifies them as four specific human behavior in society. But not only. Pareto, who loved the Machiavellian thought, he knew that through the medium (the lead) will justify the end (the satisfaction of liabilities).
Berlusconi escort and the Italians.
criticism expressed at the head of the Italian Government, Silvio Berlusconi, the national and international press, for his frequent female has pervaded my susceptibility, as the sociology of Pareto Having passionate I understood how likely the actions of this 'all men are not governed by her sexual residues. I see no other residues, if not slightly persistence of aggregates to dictate the choices of our head of government. Then, as we have seen, through the branches tend to justify everything. At this point the reader might accuse the writer of lightness, machismo, or to justify the transgressions of the premier. Quite the contrary. I believe that the error in assessing both the Italians (or rather in not assessing) the residues of those who govern us. Explicit: for example, if the next election we voted for a candidate for prime minister shows that compounds such as the instinct of combinations we improve our chances of overcoming the crisis and to combine economic progress and the economy, but if it were to emerge instinct sociality or the integrity of, well, we also voted us for Barak Obama.
clenching his fists.

There will be a good government until philosophers become kings or kings become philosophers (Plato) .


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