Thursday, May 21, 2009

X Vedio Mysore Mallige

HP Breach of trust

There is just to trust HP. In the months past, the company HP - EDS has met several times with a representative of misitero of productive activities, the last meeting on 13/05/2009 said:
"For the residues (380 workers) we will proceed with calls for voluntary redundancies, hoping the success of the results and noting that to date have not been enabled "traumatic actions" against the workers. " Instead, the day today, meeting with trade unions to ICT services, HP-EDS said that including 75 days in Mobile will make 'BINDING (read DISMISSAL) 101 people. We wonder if the Minister of Productive Activities, the Hon. Claudio Scajola, is aware of what HP combines really. you also read the documents published on the website of the Ministry of Productive Activities: PDF


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