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EMENS 2005-2006

Since 2005, employers must submit monthly and directly to the social security institution, on line, the compensation data and information to implement the positions of individual insurance workers (Article 44 of DL 269/2003, converted into Law 326/2003), (however, the procedure EMens has not yet been adopted by all companies).

With the start of Emens there was a significant reduction of the information contained in Part C, data security and welfare, the CUD.

The report highlights, for the years 2005 and 2006, the compensation data and contribution of the worker transmitted by individual companies.

In case of errors or inaccuracies, the employee may request a change to the data in the report through one of the following ways:
° through patronage;
° phone the Call Center (toll-free number 803 164);
· Teleservices using your PIN as in the statement.

INPS has made available a program of Unions for the reporting of errors / inconsistencies in the statements EMens sent to employees.

This procedure may indicate changes in the patronage of personal data, residence and the existence of problems related to a particular company for reporting missing qualifications, salaries, bonuses and figurative weeks.

may also be reported on the companies do not report but for which we worked. The territorial seat

INPS will make the corrections data; other change notifications will be sent to the company by the Institute for the necessary corrections.

The Institute considers the question of changes in reporting only one signal and not a complaint.

E 'need to maintain all documentation (eg pay slips, documentation issued by INAIL, certification of illness, CUD, etc..) In 2008 will be sent account statements as at 31 December 2006 and where the company had not made the necessary changes you need to activate the usual procedures: variation application statement, allegation of failure to pay, etc. ..


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