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Sunday, September 25 Car Free Day


COBAT From the data collected lead batteries of national and regional ecological

Sunday in Rome on Sunday, 25
coatings will be held in Rome, the first the two ecological Sundays (the 2nd will be the next November 6), convened by the Department of Environment of the City of Rome, on the theme of sustainable mobility. Numerous events for an information day on concrete practices that, as individuals and as a community of people, you can take to make the city more livable and improve the quality of life for all. The day is meant to be a festival which reflect on the pattern of life adopted by those who live in large cities: long commutes, traffic, pollution, dormitory towns, busy life, social fragmentation.

The exhibition of sustainable mobility
Among other initiatives, will be of particular importance The exhibition organized by the Sustainable Mobility Cosmoroma COBAT and sponsored by the Consortium Required batteries. During the event, citizens can not only admire but also to test different vehicles with low environmental impact. There will also be distributed educational materials and information on environmental sustainability and many gadgets for all visitors.

vehicles with low environmental impact
The Exhibition, held in Via dei Fori Imperiali, include electrically assisted bicycles, golf cars, utility vehicles, quads light, the innovative Segway (a scooter with only two parallel wheels!) and other vehicles with electric drive: all transport emissions zero. Mostly Italian high-tech products, absolutely clean, quiet, and the very low consumption costs, electric vehicles have batteries in their "heart."

The recovery of used batteries in Italy
But once the batteries run out its life cycle become hazardous waste due to their content of lead and sulfuric acid. Just to avoid dispersion in the area and ensure proper recycling, which safeguards the environment while allowing for the recovery of raw materials, was established by law the COBAT. The Consortium operates a non-profit in all of Italy.
Since 1992, thanks to COBAT were collected about 200 million batteries, neutralizing approximately 500 million gallons of acid and recovering more than half a million tonnes of lead metal, a fine contribution to the environment but also for the national economy.
Only in 2004, the Consortium has recovered about 200 000 tons of batteries, saving our country more than € 75 million on imports of lead.

collection in Lazio: Lazio Region
excellent results last year the total collection was 15,721 tonnes and this year, recording a further increase of over 7%, thanks to the increasing number of agreements with the Municipalities that allow you to retrieve the batteries replaced with the auto-repair shops. Who will change from your car if the battery can, in fact, at no cost or bring in local ecological sites of urban sanitation companies. Only in Rome, for example, has placed COBAT the appropriate containers for spent batteries in the 35 eco-towns of the AMA, where last year they were collected well 114mila kg of such hazardous waste. And to meet the drivers "do-it-yourself, the Consortium has installed containers for old batteries in 11 hypermarkets in the region, where they sell new batteries (Carrefour, Bricocenter, Auchan and Coop). The batteries, finally, are also used for boats and rafts. To avoid those empty falling into the sea ports already 3 Lazio were equipped with special ecological areas, namely: Sperlonga, Terracina and Gaeta, where collected in 2004 were respectively 940, 400 and 715 kg of batteries.

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